Hello! I'm Thomas Vitale, I live in Denmark, and I'm a Software Engineer. I love working with the Spring Framework and Java EE to build modern, robust and secure enterprise applications.

I am a Systems Engineer at Systematic, a Danish software company, where I develop software solutions on the Columna Cura project for supporting home care, social services and help to citizens. I'm specialised in the back-end with Java EE and Spring and lead the development of features aimed at ensuring a high degree of security and data privacy in our product.

As a Software Engineer, I am interested in application development and software architectures, and I am very passionate about application security and software security. I have an MSc in Computer Engineering specialising in software from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy).

When I don't develop software, I love reading, travelling and playing the piano. As a volunteer, I am the Vice President and Project Manager for Avventure Magiche, a no-profit organisation based in Turin that, among other things, has been organising the Wizard Academy event for 14 years.